CloudSand Release of Apache CloudStack

CloudSand has been created to allow more rapid release cycle with stability and features enhancements in mind.

While Apache CloudStack project uses agile release cycle, it also means that if feature x has not been submitted by specific deadline, it will be pushed onto the next release cycle.

While this can be very effective development cycle, it may also hurt the cloud adoption process as some users are depended on the release of the feature x. The same concept would apply to bug fixes.  If we see a bug fix or a feature that helps majority of enterprise customers, we will attempt to backport it and release an updated version of CloudSand.

CloudSand releases are made with upgradability in mind. Which means you should be able to upgrade to later version of official CloudStack release and all features would remain intact. We do so by being very selective with patches/commits we choose to backport.

The code is posted on github under:

RPMs are available on our local yum repo:

CloudSand Linux OS Templates

We’ve automated the creation process of Linux OS Templates – ready for CloudStack usage.

Templates will be released on a monthly cycle with all applicable updates at the time of creation. At the present moment we are focusing on RedHat based distributions such as Fedora Core, CentOS and Scientific Linux.

Visit OS Templates page to learn more and download your templates.

CloudSand is a community project lead by volunteers.

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